• Background

Life & Health HMP, Inc. is an all Filipino Health Maintenance Organization, established and duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 1, 2009 to carry out its mission of providing a better health maintenance solutions to the Filipino people. In almost a decade, membership has grown to more than a hundred thousand – a growth many times bigger than the figure at the end of our first year of operations. Our superb brand of service separates us from the competition and spelled the cutting-edge difference.

We take pride in our vast affiliation of medical practitioners combined with our alliance with the who’s who in the medical industry. Our current partnership with more than 300 companies has so far, proven our worth. As the name connotes, Life & Health HMP, Inc., symbolizes our commitment to provide our affiliates, partners and cardholders the paramount quality of service thus maintain the finest quality of life and healthful living.

We are highly valued service company with unparalleled commitment to serve and deliver the promises we made.
To provide tried and tested healthcare and health maintenance solutions to the community of people we serve and to serve without conditions or even counting the cost.